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Passion for IT is borderless, so we are always happy to meet new colleagues from the industry all over the world. We here at deCode strive for that better future, trying to take advantage of everything that is laid out in front of us, available to our developers, and exceed set expectations.

We currently have two offices (one in Cluj-Napoca and one in Bucharest). We are happy to meet you at your convenience.

Founded in 2014 by a team of German and Romanian partnership, our company provides full enterprise solutions for your business

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Mobile apps development

Native apps, written in latest platform languages ( Swift and Kotlin ), as well as support for legacy code written in Objective-C and Java, and porting to current standards.


We do extensive profiling of our apps with native profiling suits provided by Apple and Google to ensure that the app turns out beautiful, fast animations at 60fps all the time, and that no extra memory is wasted, or leaked, as well as nothing will drain your battery more than it’s supposed to.


There is always going to be a part of legacy code in the works, that might be still perfectly functional, we can integrate that code into new or existing apps, and also add support for running C/C++ code, that is common across both major mobile platforms.


In a world where manual work is no longer as well regarded, we moved on to using Fastlane, a way to automate builds, and deployment cycles so our programmers can focus on what they love: writing code.


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VAT ID: RO33859082

Reg Nr: J12/3375/2014

Contact us

We have two offices - one in Cluj-Napoca in the heart of Transylvania and one in Bucharest, the capital of Romania

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