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TYPO3 Outsourcing TYPO3 Outsourcing

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TYPO3 Outsourcing TYPO3 Outsourcing

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Who are we?


ur company is a Romanian web agency that can help you promote your business in the online environment by using the latest technologies available. Creating presentation or intranet websites, TYPO3 outsourcing, online shops, iOS or Android applications as well as custom programming solutions are just a few projects that we have already created for our customers.

We are ready to listen to your needs and concepts and to transform them in an astonishing reality that can help you grow your business and have a well contoured online image.The website that we will create for your business will offer your potential clients a much clearer message, a faultless presentation and maximum accessibility so that it can get you tangible immediate results.

Custom solutions for your business !

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We believe that in the current economic and technological context, it is necessary to rethink and expand the digital communication. Not just to be seen, but to be chosen from the competitors.


Most of our clients require a Content Management System to easily manage their website content. One of the most secure and scalable system is TYPO3 CMS. Of course, you are free to choose what CMS fits you the most, but our TYPO3 experts will always recommend TYPO3 because of its limitless possibilities and the user friendly backend interface that comes with this CMS. Some of the key references for TYPO3 CMS are:

  • Ease of use for content editors and site administrators
  • Very easy multilanguage feature for your website
  • State of the art security
  • Performance - even with high volume databases
  • Single source publishing
  • Flexibility - your immagination is the only limit regarding the features

What we use

deCode - online strategies for real customers!