deCode @ Berlin Games Forum

Berlin Games Forum is one of the most prestigious and longest running event in the browser and mobile games industry. 

The Berlin Games Forum (BGF) features high-profile talks from the movers and shakers of the industry, on current and future trends for the web-based, mobile and cross-platform games industry. The conference is also a unique opportunity to network with the most influential members in the world of browser and mobile games. The BGF focuses on mobile games and browser games. Topics such as financing, monetization, marketing, game design and development will play an important role this year.

For 20 years, our collegue Kai Niklas is working as a web and software Developer in almost every language.

As a trainer and developer for OpenGL in all Versions, he was involved in development of new on-board systems in automotive industries and Conception of Avionic Interfaces for Aeronautic and Space Companys.

This year at Berlin Games Forum, Kai had a presentation about "WebGL: 3D Revolution im Browser".

decode at berlin games forum