Free OpenGL / WebGL / Vulkan podcast!

Decode is proud to present the first set of the new podcast series and announcing a new Free OpenGL Online Workshop for Beinners late November 2015. The free online workshop will consist in basic Introduction to OpenGL for People that just get started, like Geometry / Primitives, Rendering in general, Textures, FreeGLUT / GLEW, Animation etc


Workshop will be in English.

Trainees should have basic knowledge of Programming, best C/C++ or JAVA.

Possible Dates: 26.11.2015  or 27.11.2015

Kai Niklas will do the Workshop in a Skype Group Call, so you only need Skype or a modern Browser.

You donĀ“t really need to register, but submit you E-Mail so he can invite you to the Skype Call.

Submit E-Mail here: