New Beginnings

"At some point, we'll walk on other planets and watch the sunrise on other stars but first: discover over 80 industries, with their own environments, features and communities. Explore them instantly, in any country you want! Connecting everything that you could find on the web with the social network system that relies on passion, trust and reputation. Now you can either just accept that or you can join us, for NEW BEGINNINGS." 

This is the main tagline of the new project where our company deCode is involved, a partnership where the inventor of the platform Destiny, Eduard Totok and his team developed a social network system that goes way over Facebook or any other social network you have imagined so far. In fact, in the new platform you will only see posts that really interest you, from your active industry and developing in your country.

Our contributions in this gigantic project are the 3d models and artificial intelligence models created with WebGL, models that will be integrated in all the 80+ industries sections. 

You can see more regarding the project including an interview with our Germany Managing Director and WebGL expert Kai Niklas on the Romanian National TV Station Digi24:

The project will be presented on KickStarter soon so backers are welcome.