TYPO3 Eastern Europe Impressions - T3EE14

Another great event just passed by. The TYPO3 Eastern European Conference was an international event that tried to gather together as many TYPO3 Agencies and freelancers as possible. With more than 80 attendees this year, it definitely looks like it's the beginning of a new tradition.

Just like the last year, this year the conference was held also in Cluj-Napoca, Transylvania exactly on the Halloween Day. You can imagine the sensation and the flutter that the community had during the main party held in a basement bar from our city, where almost everybody was costumed. 

Our company had its first presentation this year about WebGL - 3D World in your Browser. The presentation was held by Kai Niklas and brought more information than the previous one presented by our colleague at T3CON13.

We are sure that everyone had a great time here and we hope to see even more people from the community next year at T3EE15 !

Do you need more reason to visit Cluj-Napoca? Here are some facts about Romania that might convince you:

  • Romania is on the 3rd place in the word at the fastest internet connection with an average download speed at over 60Mbps
  • The price for a beer on a central bar in Cluj-Napoca is about 1 EUR
  • According to Business Insider, the coolest underground place in the world is about 20 km from Cluj-Napoca, so it might worth taking a trip there
  • The Carpathian Mountains are home to one of the largest virgin forests in Europe. 400 unique species of mammals, including the Carpathian chamois, call the Carpathian Mountains home. 60% of European brown bear population lives in the Carpathian Mountains.
  • Cluj-Napoca has a population of nearly 400.000 people from which more than 80.000 are students. Here we have one of the largest concentration of IT University graduates in Romania
  • Romania is known as Europe‚Äôs richest country in unexploited gold resources
  • The German name for Cluj-Napoca is "Klausenburg"
  • Cluj-Napoca is famous on its rich history and friendly people. In fact the latest study of the European Commission related that Cluj-Napoca is the friendliest city with foreigners in Europe (91% level of agreement, see the study here)!

Need more reasons? Why don't you come over... 

We'll always welcome you in our office.

UPDATE: You can see some of the event photo gallery here.