Why choosing us for Mobile Development? Our commitment.

Mobile apps are everywhere now, and we seem more dependent on them than anything else. Web has moved to second best, and our phones look to be an even bigger part of our life in the future. We here at Decode strive for that better future, trying to take advantage of everything that is laid out in front of us, available to our developers, and exceed set expectations.

Running a business based on mobile technologies is hard, and we, as developers, really understand that. At the rapid pace which the mobile space changes, we have to always keep up with it. We ensure that our apps are always running on the latest platform tools, using the latest programming techniques, and that gives us and our clients confidence that our apps will remain relevant, functional and provide a great user experience in the future.

What are our advantages?

At first is - we do everything natively, by the books. Despite what you may have heard, read, or saw, despite the huge number of wannabe solutions for cross platform development, none of them reaches the quality of a native app. That includes loading times, response times, fluid animations, stutter free UX and probably the most valuable thing - platform specific features. We have a vast experience developing apps heavily platform reliant. From Push Notifications, to Profiling and Battery/Speed app optimisations, to Bluetooth Low Energy communication - all of these are things we already do, and will entice anybody who wants their users to feel that they are using their hardware to the full potential.

What do we offer?

- Native apps, written in latest platform languages ( Swift and Kotlin ), as well as support for legacy code written in Objective-C and Java, and porting to current standards.

- Blazing performance - We do extensive profiling of our apps with native profiling suits provided by Apple and Google to ensure that the app turns out beautiful, fast animations at 60fps all the time, and that no extra memory is wasted, or leaked, as well as nothing will drain your battery more than it’s supposed to.

- Testing - In the mobile world, testing is a pain. Compiling a medium app can take minutes, and human testers have a hard time getting the compiled code to their devices, being very annoying or even reaching points where it is no longer a viable option. We offer 2 kinds of app testing setups: Unit and UI testing. The first one has been around for a while, and usually requires code refactoring, so it is not very useful for already written apps. On the other hand UI Testing is the future of mobile testing. In current IDEs the tester has to record the procedure just once, not even knowing the code, and tests will be run at every developmental milestone to ensure regression works perfectly.

- Integration with existing code - there is always going to be a part of legacy code in the works, that might be still perfectly functional, we can integrate that code into new or existing apps, and also add support for running C/C++ code, that is common across both major mobile platforms, so the same exact code can run on both devices but be maintained only once. We are proud of our projects that work on Dropbox’s Djinni framework - for having model and business logic codes written in C++ and run both on Android and iOS

- Taking advantage of automatisation - in a world where manual work is no longer as well regarded, we moved on to using Fastlane, a way to automate builds, and deployment cycles so our programmers can focus on what they love, writing code.

- Clients can live access to what we are doing. Upon request, we can provide our clients to access to our task base and time monitoring statistics, as well as have a live deploy of the app to their phone every time our developers commit some changes, through an innovative platform called Buddybuild.

- We are also proud to tell our clients about how we can integrate Firebase services. Firebase is a Google run company that provides massively useful platform tools to control your app, and make the user experience better. These features include real time databases, with instant reload, and client side caching, Crash reporting, Performance metrics, Google Analytics for your app, Remote App Config and monetizing solutions such as Admob.

- We take full advantage of the respective app stores, we can setup staged rollouts, alpha and beta testing groups, and different other settings. Most importantly we have the knowledge and experience to build apps that will be approved by Apple, a very important part if you don’t want to spend time waiting in line for the approval several times.