We believe that in the current economic and technological context, it is necessary to rethink and expand the digital communication. Not just to be seen, but to be chosen from the competitors.

Our Team

Kai Niklas
Managing Director - German Division Tel: +49 (208) 309.805.62 Mail: k.niklas[at]decode-it[dot]de

Radu Beca
Managing Director - Romanian Division Tel: +40 (264) 558.851 Mail: radu.beca[at]decode[dot]ro

Adrian Moț
Consultant Tel: +40 (364) 564.564 Mail: adrian.mot[at]decode[dot]ro

Nadine Niklas
Managing Director Finance - Germany Tel: +49 (208) 309.805.621 Mail: n.niklas[at]decode-it[dot]de

Andrea Balla
Project Manager Tel: +40 (740) 193.777 Mail: andrea.balla[at]decode[dot]ro

George Todea
Programmer Mail: george.todea[at]decode[dot]ro

Iurie Guțu
Programmer Certified Android Developer Mail: iurie.gutu[at]decode[dot]ro

Andrei Todoruț
Programmer TYPO3 Certified Developer Mail: andrei.todorut[at]decode[dot]ro

Valentin Brad
Programmer Mail: valentin.brad[at]decode[dot]ro


Along with our current team we have many other partnership contracts in Germany and Romania with different partners like design agencies, UI/UX experts, programmer teams, hosting providers to help you achieve the perfect solution that you need. You can get more information at our contact page.